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Boutique cattery located country Victoria, registered with ANCATS

Sphynx cats are active and intelligent companions who have very intense natures, invoking human attention and affection.  This  breed is not suited to everyone and are not compatible with people looking for a docile cat. They have special care requirements such as bathing and personal bonding time with their carers.  Contrary to their appearance Sphynx are not a totally hairless breed, with most having a soft peach fuzz all over their bodies. BornBare is a registered breeder located in N/E Victoria, we transport our lines Australia wide.  As part of our breeding Code of Ethics our breeding foundation lines are imported as we look to breed strength in health, conformation, character and temperament.  Our future plans include further imports to strengthen our current bloodlines.Our breeding foundations include an Australian Bronze Champion (Buttercup).  We constantly show our lines, if you are interested in showing Sphynx we are well positioned to assist by attending major shows and providing advice. In 2014 kitten BornBare TUX accumulated enough show points to win Nth QLD Short Haired Kitten of the Year and myself to Nth QLD Shorthair Kitten Breeder of the Year.All of our kittens are sold under contract which includes a 5 year HCM warranty.  The contract is an agreement about the sale and outlines my responsibilities to you prior to and after the sale.Please contact us for consideration for our waiting list.We hope you have a purrfect day! foundation member

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