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Who are we....

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We are a group of independent like minded ethical sphynx breeders who are passionate about preserving the sphynx breed as we know it, without any genetic modifications, focusing on health, temperament and then type for our sphynx. 


We are registered with:

  • Cats Queensland

  • Cats WA, and

  • Ancats


  • Feline Control Council Victoria Inc

  • As well as our local shire councils


We do comprehensive health testing including FIV/FelV, ALMS1 – Sphynx HCM DNA as well as comprehensive DNA testing for up to 54 diseases and 20 traits.

We are also passionate about HCM testing annually with certified veterinary cardiologist for our active breeding cats, and also scanning our retired breeding cats.  This has COVID exceptions of course when we some of us struggle to get scanning appointments due to COVID challenges.

We publicly list our health results, on the Dutch based sphynx/rex database so that anyone searching health results can find them and use them for their own purposes.

If you are a comprehensive health testing and Australian or New Zealand registered sphynx breeder and would like a listing in this directory, please contact us on 

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