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Located in Western Australia and affiliated with Cats WA
Registered breeder of Quality Sphynx
HCM Testing, Fiv/Felv and DNA Testing Breeder foundation member

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We are based in Perth, in Western Australia and started our sphynx journey with a gorgeous neuter boy Hoodoo in 2015.  Having bred Maine Coons previously in UK, we are aware of the commitment that cat breeding and showing requires, and after having our hearts stolen by our gorgeous Hoodoo, we have welcomed two breeding queens, a future queen  (young kitten) and a stud into our household.  We are proud to be Fiv, Felv, HCM and DNA testing, and breeders, and will strive to breed excellent health, temperament and type.  Dr Richard Woolley and Dr Geoff Nicolson (cardiologist) travel to WA regularly - with COVID exceptions, and our cats will be scanned with them.  All adult breeding cats are tested HCM clear by cardiologist .  

Deja Nude will be taking a break from Breeding sphynx in 2023.

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