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Our cattery after years of dedication, has successfully eradicated the sphynx hcm gene. As of October 2022 no kitten will be born with any copies of the gene, therefore no kitten will die from heart failure caused by this gene!!!! 

Our cattery is in our home and we are dedicated to improving the breed. The health of our sphynx is our highest priority.

All of our breeding sphynx need to be negative for the sphynx hcm gene, have a clear respiratory pcr swab, negative for the FIV/FeLV blood test, negative for genetic tests with Orivet Australia and an annual heart scan with a registered vet cardiologist to be deemed fit for breeding. Each of our sphynx have these test results in their personalised folder which is available for viewing via appointment only. Please note all visitors to our home need to provide me with a photo of their driver’s licence either via email or text prior to inspection and understand I have 24-hour security camera footage of our property.

We provide all of our kittens with a contract from our solicitor. We will replace a kitten if HCM occurs within three years as well as other guarantees included within the contract.


To join our wait list, please complete the form in ‘Join Waitlist’ tab. A take home kitten pack worth $450 is included in the price to ensure every Furrvelvet baby and owner has a smooth transition. This kitten pack will be waiting for you on kitten pickup. Lastly a $515 ($15 PayPal fee) deposit is required to officially join our waitlist and is located after the submit button is pushed on your ‘join the waitlist’ form. Total cost is $4,000, and after deposit $3500 on kitten pickup. You join the waitlist in order of deposit being paid and can skip litters if you are not happy with colour or sex selection. When it is your turn to pick, you will get first pick if no one before you does the same thing. It is an organised and fair system, however patience at times may be needed if litter size is small or unforeseen circumstances occur.

Please call us any time if you are unsure about anything 🙂 


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We had five European imports that arrived September 2018 from an HCM testing cattery. Our aim is to improve the health of Australian sphynx breeding lines and of course to make many family’s happy.

Sphynx Kittens – Furrvelvet Cattery – Sphynx Cat Breeder – Camden, NSW

Phone: 0407953277

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