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Cosmickatz is a small boutique style Sphynx cattery set on an acreage in the rolling hills of Macarthur in NSW. We are a registered breeder with NSW Cat Fanciers Association (NSWCFA), We only breed Sphynx which enables us to put all of our time and effort into this wonderfully unique breed. Our breeding cats all undergo screening and testing before entering our breeding program, these consist of: HCM scan annually by  Specialist Veterinary Cardiologist,  HCM DNA Swab – North Carolina State University (NCSU), Orivet comprehensive disease & trait profile,  FeLV/FIV PCR Respiratory Panel,  to ensure all incoming cats are free of mycoplasma, chlamidia, bordatella and other disease Health checked

All kitten enquiries through our website or email please

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