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Sphynxstar actively led sphynx  HCM testing since first breeding sphynx in Australia  over 15 years ago.  This cattery name remains on the scene and will soon have the first Sphynxstar regsterised litter since 2018 - the ABBA litter. 


HCM Tested parents (2023) with veterinary cardiologist Dr Geoff Nicolson, Kittens fully DNA tested for over 120 diseases and traits (MyCatScan) and parentage verification tests (Orivet).  Kittens registered with Cats Queensland.  Watermarked copies of results provided with each kitten along with a comprehensive support pack including PP20 pet crate, food, litter tray, litter and toys and treats.

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The Abba crew has one available kittens

Benny - black tabby male ($2000) 
born 2/6/23
microchip: 956000016256579
2 x F3 inactive vaccinations
comprehensively disease and trait DNA tests completed with MyCatScan
DNA parentage tested with Orivet
Registered with Cats Queensland Inc (member 418)
Registration papers will be provided (new owners will be able to select registered names)


Sphynx are an active and intelligent companion who make their presence known by their desire to interact with human family members and visitors alike. They are not a breed suited to everyone as they crave human attention and are not suitable for those looking for a docile cat.

Kittens are placed in homes with watermarked copies of comprehensive DNA disease and trait testing panel, DNA parentage testing confirmation, and copies of parent cardiologist HCM scan results.

Prices does not include travel, but does include a comprehensive kitten pack including food, toys litter and a litter tray.

Parents HCM scanned negative by cardiologist in 2023 - copy provided to new owner

These babes were born and raised in a family environment. Have had exposure to dogs (they are fascinated) but have had no exposure with children.

Small ethical hobby breeder located 40 mins southwest of Brisbane in the city of Logan. Our aim is to breed for health, conformation, and temperament, as well as preserving the sphynx breed. We are registered with Cats Queensland (418) and Logan City Council (4934).

We have been involved in breeding cats, dogs and farmstock for over 50 years, but focussed on sphynx breeding only since 2004.

Located Greenbank 4124

Advertised elsewhere.


Please see the available kittens page for additional details.  Feel free to contact us for further information by emailing us here. foundation member

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