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Sphynxstar actively led sphynx HCM testing  for sphynx in Australia since first breeding sphynx in Australia  over 15 years ago.  This cattery name remains active on the breeding scene.

Breeders of sphynx for over 18 years.  

Based in Greenbank, QLD.

Checkout our facebook page.

  1. We have a month old litter of 7 kittens who will be shortly heading to the vet for their first vet check, vaccination and microchip.  They will be available to reserve after this time.  Both parents are negative for HCM DNA gene.  Join our newsletter and watch our facebook group for further details.  Please note first choice of these kittens goes to persons on the newsletter list.   These babies are blue and white as well as black and white,  $2500 each (with kitten pack not including transport), mum is odd eyed and dad is blue and white (with odd eyed father).  

  2. We also have a litter due later this month to a black karpati female, daddy is a black male so all babies will either be solid black or black karpati.  Both parents are negative for the known HCM gene, as are their baby daddies, and therefore all kittens will also be negative for the known gene. $2500 each (with kitten pack not including transport)

  3. We have a green eyed black smoke female, 2 years of age, retired breeding girl, ready for a life long home.  Outgoing and quirky, as well as bossy! POA


Please contact us if you would like to go on to the waiting list and receive newsletters about these litters, or to enquire about our retired breeding girl. foundation member


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