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Sphynxstar actively led sphynx  HCM testing since first breeding sphynx in Australia  over 15 years ago.  This cattery name remains on the scene and will soon have the first Sphynxstar regsterised litter since 2018 - the ABBA litter. 


HCM Tested parents (2023) with veterinary cardiologist Dr Geoff Nicolson, Kittens fully DNA tested for over 120 diseases and traits (MyCatScan) and parentage verification tests (Orivet).  Kittens registered with Cats Queensland.  Watermarked copies of results provided with each kitten along with a comprehensive support pack including PP20 pet crate, food, litter tray, litter and toys and treats.

Checkout our facebook page.

We have no kttens available.  Check out our facebook page to see a recent presentation on karpati patterned sphynx.  Feel free to contact us for further information by emailing us here. foundation member

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