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Anood Sphynx

I have spent a large number of years with desexed sphynx as pets and they have absolutely won my heart, I knew I wanted to be a breeder (in the long term) as soon as I met them.  Whilst I have been offered the opportunity to breed cats other than sphynx, they aren't where my heart is.

I have spent 2021 largely learning about breeding and health challenges in sphynx, feeling that now I am ready to be the best and most ethical breeder that I can be, whilst understanding that my learning has only just begun.  I have located sphynx breeding mentors and have registered my prefix with Cats Queensland.

I will HCM scan my breeding cats and will continue to scan my retirees by veterinary cardiologist.  I will HCM DNA tests all of my new sphynx (my current pets are already tested).  I am excited and looking forward to my next adventure of sphynx breeding, which I hope to commence by obtaining my first entire in 2022.

Watch this space for further updates.

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