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Sphynx Australia Enquiry Form
Do you you rent or own your own home?
What type of dwelling do you live in?
Who do you live with?
Do you have other pets?
Why do you want a sphynx?
Have you ever met a sphynx?
What do you(or have you) feed pets?
Do you believe in animal vaccinations?
Do you believe in pet insurance?
Should cats roam free outdoors?
Who would look after your sphynx if you're away?
Do you understand sphynx health requirements
Are there any special requirements in your household that a sphynx would need to adapt to?
Is there anything you would like further information about?
If you own a sphynx currently, do you regularly HCM scan with cardiologist?
The type of sphynx I am looking for...
Do you know much about grooming requirements of sphynx?
Do you have a regular vet?

Thanks for submitting!

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