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Preservation Sphynx Breeder

Located in South East Queensland, registered with Cats Queensland

It seems that I have had Sphynx in my life forever, but in reality it has been since 2001, with my first litter in 2002.

Now I can not imagine my life without Sphynx.

I am a HCM (by Veterinary Cardiologist), FeLV, FIV and DNA testing breeder based in South Brisbane.

We complete comprehensive DNA tests for over 45 diseases and 28 traits and also the newly discovered HCM DNA test on all our cats, not just our actively breeding cats.

My aim is to breed for health, conformation and temperament and to also share the love of Sphynx and all of their quirkiness.

Our kittens are pedigree, from leading show  quality bloodlines and will be desexed, vaccinated and registered with CQI for their new owners.

I am proud to be one of the few Sphynx breeders who annually HCM test our cats and list our results on an independant publicly accessible database.


Furrkin Sphynx is taking a break from breeding and has no kittens available at the current time. foundation member

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