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Hip Dysplasia - Pretty's story

Pretty is a stunning little sphynx girl that we got received from another breeder, of lines unrelated to our cats, as part of a swap deal.  She was received in good health delivered by road transport and with a fit to travel certificate from her breeders vet, as well as 6 weeks free pet insurance from Petcover.  Her microchip was listed in another state (not accessible to QLD but we were told she was in our name).  Her ownership papers were listed in the breeders name, which we sent off to have transferred.  This is a simple version of Pretty's story. 

She was collected from the road transport meeting place on 16 Feb 22 and taken home.  She was quarantined for a few days before a slow introduction to our other cats, but weirdly she growled and snarled at them, well they were strangers after all.  She always trotted around a litte differently to our own cats and kittens but again, different pets do things differently and we weren't concerned.  On 1 Mar 22 she started limping and thought perhaps she had fallen off the large cat tree - we were flooded in then and it hadn't got any better by 3 March so I took her to the vet where the vet commented she had lax hips and should grown out of the luxating patella which was diagnosed by xray.  We also learnt how to put her knee back in place.  It seemed to get worse rather than better so we went to a different vet on 9 Mar who advised us she wouldn't grow out of it, that she needed to see a specialist.  Both vets said it is a likely caused by a genetic condition and they believed she shouldn't be bred from.  We made an appointment with a specialist for the following day but after discussion with her breeder  we cancelled her her breeder wanted her returned to commence treatment with them.

As it turned out, we didn't return her as the breeder as we both discussed the 1 1/2 day road transport wouldn't be good for her and that she should be treated in her current location.  Another another appointment for the next available specialist appointment on 11 Mar 22 and  the specialist advised she needed an operation on soft tissue, and that she may need another in 6-8 months when she finished growing on her bone at a cost of around $4,5k per operation.  The specialist advised they would be able to tell if genetic or injury based once they operated as they would be able to identify injury trauma.  Her breeder said I should claim from the Pet Insurance and she would consider contributing to the cost, and then later said she would contribute half of the out of pocket costs - as well as returning the kitten I gave her (she had no unrelated lines to offer a replacement to complete the deal). 

Subsequently Pretty had her much needed operation and they found that she had hip dysplasia (a genetic condition), which caused a luxating hip and and luxating patella.  I did try to discuss this with the breeder during the operation when the specialist rang me, but this was not possible and I am no longer in contact with the breeder, by their choice and so they are unaware of the full extent of Pretty's diagnosis.  Pretty had the femoral head and neck removed and is now recovering. During her physio she is more social and no longer growling so we think perhaps her initial growls were her concerns about rough play from others that may cause her pain.   

When she is fully recovered, she will be desexed and placed in an appropriate home.  She will have an abnormal gait, and possibly have arthritis when she is old. but other than that the specialist is confident she will live a relatively normal life.  Her weight will always need to be light to avoid complications. It is unlikely for her insurance will cover any costs as this is genetic and we are obtaining specialist, pathology and vet statements regarding her health.  Her costs so far include:

                         Vet consult & Xray                                      S 220.00

                         Antinol Anti-inflamatory capsules             $   72.77

                         Vet consult                                                   $   45.00

                         Crate Bowl 1                                                 $    17.50

                         Crate Bowl 2                                                 $    11.95

                         Seal Flex Joint support for cats                  $    23.95

                         Natural Animal Solutiosn JointPro              $    50.95

                         Vetologica Hip & Joint Treats                     $     21.95

                         Vetnex Hyaflex mobility powder                $     38.50

                         Raw Meow Joint Support blend                 $     32.90                                                  

                         Specialist Consult                                         $   278.50

                         Operation                                                      $5,654.50

                         Hospitalisation                                              $   170.50

                         Medication                                                     $    57.50


So that the breeder can make informed decisions regarding the future health of her cats, particularly those related to Pretty, we have had our vet instructed to send the breeders vet full records when they are complete which is in compliance with her breeders wishing to have no further personal contact.  

There is no negligence of the breeder that contributed to this condition, or any malicious intent of the breeder in supplying this kitten that is not fit for breeding, and whilst we are not in contact, we think she will be just as devastated as us.  

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