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Two Sphynx Australia members registered with Cats Queensland and Logan City Council  have successfully bred Australia's first karpati patterned sphynx in 2021, and are using this prefix to focus on karpati patterned sphynx.

As sphynx purists who breed only sphynx, we have successfully introduced this pattern in sphynx, being the second breeders in the world to do so.  We have three little nude girls, a black karpati, a black karpati and white as well as a black and white, as well as a coated Karpati sphynx (Gen 1) female and male. 


Whilst we have introduced this pattern using a health and DNA tested outcross, which also assists with genetic diversity, we have no intention to mix multiple mutant genes into sphynx and will not be delving into other recognised breeds such as lykoi, or sphynx variations such as elfs, dwelfs, bambobs, or even other genetic mutations such as dominant blue eyes.  We love sphynx the way they are and have no desire to mess with their structural genetics.  As the karpati pattern as been known for centuries, we feel safe introducing this pattern into sphynx, but our opinion is that we do not know enough about any other mutations to introduce this into our beloved breed.

Furthermore, we raise all cats and kittens ourselves.  Our studs are housed in our own stud quarters and we ensure that they have sufficient companionship, hands on patting and loving and environmental enrichment.  Our queens, kittens and pets are raised as family members, they are not cage raised.  We are not satellite breeders who routinely hand our feline family members to friends and acquaintances to raise on our behalf and we are not interested in adding any other breed to our family.  Sphynx demand all our spare time as it is - no complaints there.. foundation member

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