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Ngeru Sphynx

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Ngeru is a new exclusive Sphynx cattery set on an acreage in Cedar Vale, Queensland.

We are currently transferring our registration to Cats Queensland (CQI),


We screen our breeding cats for: HCM scan annually by  Specialist Veterinary Cardiologist,  and are also testing for ALMS1, the recently discovered sphyxn HCM gene, responsible for 60% of HCM in sphynx.  We are also researching companies to undertake comprehensive DNA testing.

Our sphynx live in our home as family members and all kittens are raised in our home.

We are supported by a network of Sphynx Australia breeders to learn more about the sphynx and participate in preservation breeding of sphynx, to ensure the breed is healthy in future generations.

We do not currently have a waiting list for kittens, but can be contacted through the contacts page on this site.

Our Facebook page link will be provided once we have completed the design

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